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Like the Chevrolet Volt’s gasoline engine, the VW’s diesel powerplant takes over when the batteries reach a minimum charge level. Hunkering down into the carbon-fiber driver’s seat feels special, and you’re confronted by a small steering wheel squared off at the bottom and a well-equipped and nicely trimmed dashboard. The car is powered by a 0.8 liter two cylinder TDi engine. The XL1 is Volkswagen’s latest “1-liter” car. As with other vehicles that can operate purely on electricity, everything is remarkably quiet at step-off and at low speeds—all you hear is the thrum of tires on asphalt. VW became convinced during that time that a production 1-liter would require a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. 1 For highly qualified customers through Volkswagen Credit. G�eK�ŗ��[�a�e��-C7�\e���0�,���K�A+`�{P9�u(��H��a1X 7�w:���t/P�E���/.�rq��t3+$\�{���L��--�L,@�!_��v�5�x����e`����;����4_y0�{L�[�ܠ3�{�e��,�[���� ��+�M{ċ1��+��]��,)|��I��3|���֊�p�}��!���'K?t���t��'7ÝM��r7R�]�>;�%��srQ�No���}�+&n��-��B��1/����(��Ic�uO�0�|���k��~���k Pioneering aerodynamics. But the XL1 won’t leave you stranded. Lift the pedal, and the gentle calm returns as the engine stops instantly; it restarts in milliseconds when you flex your right foot again. This small emirate is reputed to have a per-capita GDP that ranks among the highest in the world. This is the XL Sport, a superbiked-engined, sports-car iteration of VW’s eco-hyper-pod XL1, unveiled on the eve of the Paris show. (�Q��O� ��-�8�w���h.��zL}0�zzg�7;��|�m�c^�94���������� It was in this environment that we were introduced to the hyperefficient Volkswagen XL1. During a presentation at the University of Vienna today, Volkswagen board chairman Ferdinand Piëch revealed plans for a Ducati-powered version of the Volkswagen XL1 called the XL Sport… Its predecessor, the L1, came in at a claimed 840 pounds. Volkswagen BlueSport 2.0 TDI. We may earn money from the links on this page. Despite being the Veyron of efficiency, it's immense fun to drive, but there's room for improvement. Porsche designers, intrigued by what Volkswagen was doing with this lightweight, compact platform, started designing around the XL1/XL Sport's shape and architecture. Though it was only available in Europe, brand new the XL1 would set buyers back a hefty $146,000 (€111,000) in 2013. The 1-liter car was Ferdinand Piëch’s idea, and he drove the first concept, a cigar-shaped tandem two-seater, to the 2002 board meeting at which he retired as CEO. o��䗘��-�$� �^�9����A�+�&�y�Mȏ��ү4���qBB!��,�����7ذ5�������呴�:� Discover more. The brakes are fitted with lightweight carbon-ceramic discs and offer excellent stopping power, although less experienced pilots—or, ahem, younger ones—may find the pedal’s feel odd, as it’s as unassisted as the steering, a rarity in modern vehicles. MORE: 2014 Volkswagen XL1 First Drive Either way, the Sport will likely be less focused on fuel economy than the XL1. ؠs?����}�x0���n�Saˁ�-����f�������?��۽�����G��:���Ic�RKSm{���[��T4(,�aS���0&(=uf��x��'����6�}��Pi|��Ǯ�A`D�"�����n����)���:C��x���{Ԗt. *Excludes tax, title, license, options, and dealer fees. The capital city of Doha is gridded with wide and heavily policed streets that run among seemingly endless construction sites, all adding to a Manhattan-like skyscraper forest. Simple: 17 percent of Volkswagen, Germany’s biggest car company, is now owned by Qatar Holdings, a part of the company’s sovereign wealth fund. The Germans will probably make a selection on that following evaluating the … It is available in one variety only. His wife liked it and was reported as saying that she would like to have one. Design-wise, the interior is immediately recognizable as a VW. ���k�=��\ �ϳFW~`O`]aцnzE�/���f�8����c�P�/��;�\��h���~]Xk�D.��]�y��p�*o�_��l6���%l#��S��F����|?��cEݢ�6�l=ɪ Volkswagen XL1: price, variant and specifications. With the XL Sport, the group brands Volkswagen and Ducati impressively demonstrate how high-tech developments can lead to synergies between brands and be used by both parties as modules for new concepts. Next steps. The Volkswagen XL Sport concept debuts at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. This amazingly compact powertrain is mounted transversely behind the passenger compartment and drives the rear wheels. It generates a maximum power of 48 HP. Our car experts choose every product we feature. Becoming ID. ���&�%�f�vj�Ѯ����Ü�4�M�&Z��n�ngԿ��k�>9����}�ێ텭%Tâ��4E=6�����C?pf�wL�WWS����,�@vO���m��V7����,�l�~6��۶ǢO��lZ9P� ?��Y��5[XLo�P�[s�ơ��>�]f�P�z�_�����K^��^]bSG���ؙ�0P��1���������Akb-Ѵ��?�,l�!.�8l���Eg��~c���ol�m�Ơ]^���ZYW�ҵ��U�۹ n������la�s3�f�����.���Q�lqC��:1�c$����Š'���5� �3�ۍ��U@���^�t� Blame the twofold increase on the safety equipment and the comfort and convenience features required to turn a vehicle solely focused on efficiency into an acceptable everyday car. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Despite the XL1's athletic look, the model wasn't intended to break any performance records. (The DSG is programmed to operate only in automatic mode.) Now however, with the Paris Motor show in full swing, Volkswagen have unveiled a new version of the XL1 – the XL1 Sport Concept. �Hn���z�%�v�|�-��. Volkswagen has spiced up its fuel-sipping XL1, adding a V-twin donated from the Ducati 1199 Superleggera, and dubbing the result the XL Sport. Traveling that distance on one liter of fuel translates to 235 mpg—or, put differently, New York to Boston on one measly gallon of diesel. Volkswagen's XL1 is a sort of 50th percentile supercar, immaculately surfaced and detailed. Volkswagen XL Sport is an efficient supercar with Ducati power. Our pure electric cars. Example lease: 2020 Jetta 1.4T S for $259 per mo. It would also need to have the lightest possible chassis and body panels, worldbeating aerodynamics, and side-by-side rather than tandem seating. With the XL Sport, Volkswagen and Ducati impressively demonstrate how high-tech developments can lead to synergies between Volkswagen Group brands. The Volkswagen XL1 is one of the most interesting new cars in decades. � ���F�.���S`�{:��I&�Z��n�JRkL%���[3�ݛA� @�L�����+�_�k�?���;�&�$����3I" VN[�2��#�o�����z������k��~}�r-\͵�٫���Y6�'�����;+�&��ƶ"K{���_��,;d^�n���v��g�L|��X��_㋋�۶����Q�_\]�V�v�/�%cv{�/�&V^���m��f̻2:z���ݺw[������N���H�����o�����x�cO�ٗ�����G���,���� � The major factor in weight saving was the use of carbon fiber for the chassis and body panels. The Volkswagen XL1 measures 3,888 mm in length, 1,665 mm in width and 1,156 mm in height and has a 2,224 mm wheelbase. The Volkswagen XL1 has a Plug-in hybrid powertrain, connected to a rear wheel drive system that features a 800 cm3, 2-cylinder TDI engine developing 35 kW / 48 PS and 120 Nm of torque. Porsche had solicited investment from Qatar at the time of the Lehman Brothers collapse, when it held options on millions of Volkswagen shares. When Volkswagen is considering constructing 250 XL1 hybrids, there is no indicator that the XL Sport will end up a generation vehicle. A 5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 2.6-gallon diesel fuel tank are nestled between the powertrain and passenger compartment. It happened on the heels of Porsche’s failed bid to take over VW. But VW Group chairman Martin Winterkorn promised it will be available by 2013 “at an affordable price.” We guess that will be somewhere around the equivalent of $50,000. Stay in the loop. A one-off design study, the XL Sport … Pasalnya mobil hybrid buatan Volkswagen yang hadir dalam jumlah terbatas ini … Zero to 60 mph: 11.8 sec VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, 6-wheel- drive, 4-passenger, 4-door truckmid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door coupe, ENGINE: 0.8-liter turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 8-valve diesel inline-2, 47 hp, 89 lb-ft; AC permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor assist, 27 hp, 74 lb-ft; combined power rating (C/D est), 60 hp, TRANSMISSION: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, DIMENSIONS:Wheelbase: 87.6 inLength: 153.1inWidth: 65.6 in Height: 45.5 inCurb weight (mfr's est): 1800 lb, PERFORMANCE (C/D EST): This VW is probably the first European car to have its world introduction preceded by thanks to Allah. Our drive through the city and outskirts of Doha suggested that the XL1 would be an acceptable daily driver. Standing ¼-mile: 22.0 sec The supercar connection doesn’t end there: The XL1’s supersmooth, aerodynamically optimized shape should achieve an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.19. Despite the XL1's athletic look, the model wasn't intended to break any performance records. Considering the elaborate and expensive weight-saving measures, the XL1 is heavier than one might expect, at 1800 or so pounds. This term doesn’t refer to engine displacement but rather to the European method of expressing consumption, which is to say the amount of fuel needed to travel 100 kilometers. The evolution of the ID.3. You can, however, force the car to run only on electricity. The XL1 was initially unveiled at the Qatar Motor show in 2011. There has never been a sports car like the XL Sport concept being showcased by Volkswagen in a world premiere at the Paris Motor Show. ��*�~�!���J�C��k �,�o�{*��)�C�KЏ��Mlh�R��\������F ���SI�5X,��C��#�h�\�VhM�T�n���iꓡٙN��ޤ��:zw:��P��zo4�u���蒋�K:�W���� The intervening years produced a “2-liter” prototype that was only shown internally, as well as the L1 that appeared at the 2009 Frankfurt show. There is, of course, none of the sound and fury of the supercars that pioneered this car’s construction methods. A car that uncompromisingly furthers the development of the lightweight sports car in its very essence. Today, those rumors have come true: this is the XL Sport concept. Top speed (governor limited): 99 mph, Toyota Yaris GR Puts the Hot in Hot Hatch, Capsized Car-Carrying Cargo Ship Finally Salvaged, Hyundai Elantra Has More Than a Daring Design, 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Priced Starting at $23,295. n�%��-�(d�e�"/C.���~�v(��d��7�_�R@[�ùV:6�(.���o�&P��w�Ӻۻbw�;��������΃�h������v�ݝ��i�����%{���;���imص��3g6�v*J�5 G�}���r�K�3��O��}���os5�e:X�������\%��<3-� ���{+ߜ��Y�`�PZ� ~�V���D6��l�y�K�ۖ���P���t�g�݉=ٝ�5��mX�>f�~4��[$"��/��O���,����)�J���vU��G��`�@A{�f�,�7� ��7��� �V0t �Ԛ<>v�9��߶H�u��H�Lo������w���z�8�l�O�G��;w`o�JZ[l3b����/����^�Ѵ5ܲif�ol��8š�m-�3�\���-w��t���$���;�[�GSs�f��v�@�{��hh�M%pl�6�[�����/���}Kw=� \�� ���0��=VD"��\����oho=�u:jS%e��(��8���wQˌL�RjNm����&4QF������Жk�d�[6�xd����͞3p˳߱�W���_r� d�ȏ's*y`���?�Ƥ���}opl�-��V���~��V�#Z��C�!k��:�����|+����z��;���1-�{�����wǴ���Ƿ�����kA|wLKC������v[ It gets a VW-estimated maximum of 261 mpg—and it's going into production.

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