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Well it is an aroma highlighted by a bouquet of fragrant woody, musky and aromatic scented tones that will bring a … I feel like the other reviewers were experiencing olfactory fatigue. I do not on the original so have no opinion. Alluring. Embrace it. 1 2 Next » 1-48 of 56 photos. Scent quality is good but nothing unique. It’s fresh and woody and the iso e super makes the fragrance smell and wear to the chemistry with your skin. What a waste. I love both versions so I didn’t mind. You can say whatever you want, but this release is much better than the original 2005 Homme. People are funny saying this smells like Sauvage. A half hour later its amber and wood and its a skin scent now. A total disgrace from this legendary house. I agree with your assessment of the perfume itself but Dior helped to cause a lot of the drama ( maybe purposefully, controversy means everyone wants to get their nose on it ) by repurposing the name and iconic bottle. I do have a lot of designer and niche fragrances and on its own this is a beautiful fragrance. Almost every new release smells like Invictus Aqua, Azzarro Wanted or Sauvage. I stick to dior Homme original ! So, I am sorry, bought the new edition blind just for the sake of the name and bottle. That’s it. “Sumptuous” clearly defines the Dior Homme direction under new creative director Kim Jones. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Type. Like I couldn't smell it at all. It kind of reminds of bleu de Chanel ... well bleu de Chanel light. I own it and don't regret my purchase at all. What happened to Dior??? Please change artistic director or whatever you have to do to repair the damage. I can’t believe this is the same house that did Dior Homme Parfum and Fahrenheit Le Parfum. When I see negative attacks on a new release I take into account the reason for the attacks! 2.67 score of 748 votes at moment I'm writing !!! Dior Homme 2020: Fragrance Volume: 10ML Sample Size: Brand: Christian Dior: Type: Eau de Toilette: Welcome to the Scent Sampler Store. You love them both but in a different way. I definitely don't get all the hate. So finally got around to trying this. It will garner compliments, which is the complete and only intention of the creation of this fragrance. Well you guys have a Sauvage already..... the powdery Homme was a gorgeous addition to the Dior family. Very nice. The Scoop: By Christian Dior. The original formulation is being sold as Dior Homme Original although not in the States right now. Beauty Almanac |. Yup. Directed by Jonathan Alric. This is a cool, dry, woody safe scent with just a hint of citrus and pepper. Just saying! Great Scent. It is clear, clean, gentle, and woody but also slightly sweet, and wears like a second skin." DIOR official website. I think DH2020 will be better in warmer weather which makes sense as Dior Homme Intense, complete with that well known Iris note, will shine during the colder months. These types don't want to think outside of the box, so why should their fragrance! And I like this much better than The original which was great if you like iris and cacao. On skin, this is all true, except for the notion of carnality of which there is none to be found. Men's fragrances - Dior Homme - A revolutionary interpretation that is audacious and surprising. A slow burner, might smell a bit "meh" at first but it kind of grows on you. Funny enough, this is not as bad as I expected. King of Emptiness (Francois Demachy, 2020). I guess they know what to do to sell. There's something about this that is somewhat vintage, rather than timeless like the original. DIOR HOMME SPORT VERY COOL SPRAY - EAU DE TOILETTE Regular price Dhs. I tried it on my skin and.... meh. This is ISO E Super, watery woods a la Louis Vuitton, and vetiver. 332.00 Sale price Dhs. i like, fresh inoffensive, better performer than previous version but not a beast still. Nothing i would spend my money on. serious fragrance lovers out there need to grow up, THE DIOR HOMME ORIGINAL IS STILL HERE AND READILY AVAILABLE AND ALWAYS WILL BE SO WHATS THE PROBLEM???? But definitely mastery. Most similar to DHS. Give it a chance - you might love it! Above the entrance to the show was a faux clock, cracked and chipped; it was a reimagined replica of the one that Arsham and Jones saw in a photograph of Christian Dior in his office in the ’50s—the very same one is there today, ticking away the minutes as all of Jones’s predecessors have come and gone. Very kind SA at Sephora told me that it opens with bergamote and "white" pepper. If only the new formulation were as good as the old one! I mean, I get it, they should have used a different name. This has been so overdone that they should just drop prices to 25.00 a bottle and be done with it: Oh wait...everyone already has a bottle its so generic so why people still pay the going prices is just beyond comprehension. Not sure if it's the iso-e super. Very classy & sophisticated. Smells like old, sweaty agent Cooper standing in the 60s hotel lobby :P You decide whether it is good or bad :P. Sorry but it's exactly the same smell as my shower gel Ushuaïa bois de cèdre .. A new, masculine sensuality is redefined in a harmony of smooth and […] You're are going to smell good, clean, and masculine. Big dislike because of the marketing move and misleading naming. The 2011 Dior Homme fragrance is still available, but it is now sold as Dior Homme Original. First impression-smells like fresh fabric softner-you cannot pick notes,it's just overall fresh. The fragrance community hates on this scent for not being unique, but I think it’s a great scent. They have tried to make a Sauvage for for men (failing to realize they have that in the Eau Sauvage line). I just got a sample with my other purchase and I will test it out. Dior Homme Cologne 1.7 oz EDT Spray ... (. Everything was trash except for Dior Homme 2020. Jones clearly believes that 21st-century men see the rigid gendered binaries their fathers and grandfathers conformed to as a thing of the past. Not sure it even do it well. This smells like a Calgon body spray.It lacks the expensive soap quality that it used to have. I get flashes of Aventus in this and if they think this is going to get them lots of sales, they are probably right. in Advertising Campaigns, Dior Homme, Fall Winter 2020.21 Campaigns, Lucas El Bali, Steven Meisel Dior Men’s Fall Winter 2020.21 Campaign by Steven Meisel Reinterpreting the scenography of the show, the striking compositions are inspired by the mysterious beauty of Dutch Master paintings. Add whatever and it could be the next John Varvatos Artisan bs. On me, the dry down smelled like body odor. Description. Could have been released by any midrange designer house. As everyone stated before, it has barely anything to do with the 2005 or the 2011 one (I will tell you why it is only barely later) and that is quite confusing considering the name and the design. Was Chanel making more profit with the traditional and masculine Bleu so Dior decided to destroy Homme and go back to "traditional and masculine"? I'm not hating on it, but the fact remains that there is no real reason to buy this. Its very mature. -Dior Homme 2020 was purchased by me for videos on this channel. Demachy has done some good, some bad and I always like to get my opinion on something as opposed to having others tell me theirs. I immediately went anosmic to this after one sniff. νικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | However, I really enjoy it. So pedestrian. On my skin or on clothing, this easily lasts all day. I’ve only smelled the 2011 formulation off of testers in the mall and didn’t care for it on my skin. Tried this at ULTA yesterday. Okay I don’t like to admit I was wrong but I’m changing my original review. Take a look to Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2020-21 menswear collection: the fashion accessories and outfits seen on Miami runaways. I think a lot of the hate is the change in there being no iris. Fragrance Dior Homme 2020 cologne for Men by Christian Dior was released in 2020.Well it is an aroma highlighted by a bouquet of fragrant woody, musky and aromatic scented tones that will bring a sensual, uplifting and optimistic perfumed sensation. in this case it was because it has no iris and would substitute the original formula! Fragrance Dior Homme 2020 cologne for Men by Christian Dior was released in 2020. Who Is It Best For? If you liké terre you gonna liké thèse one . It literally radiates all day. Dior Dior Homme terms: Kim Jones Network seasons: Fall 2020. See more ideas about menswear, dior homme, mens fashion. It is a safe perfume.Nothing new but it is very easy and more wearable than the others in this line(i have them all)I think that is the right way from DIOR.I prefer this than the sauvage parfum wich is very good but difficult to wear. Smells like those sample decant vials you get that comes in the box along with the fragrance you purchased. Yesterday I was shown silver boxes of it labelled 'Dior Homme Original' in a drawer at the Dior concession in Selfridges, Manchester, England (not on display though because they are pushing the new one). Its deff more masculine elegance and modern sexappeal and it has some ethereal niche quality like something Kurkdjian would do. What is wrong with your nose? It smells similar to dior sauvage but not exactly I get Issey Miyake Bleu astral vibes but not exactly. However I think the performance is far better than the previous one. IMO similar vibe with Guerlain Homme Edp with the second having better longevity and half the price ! And I am very happy with it. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Discover Christian Dior fashion, fragrances and accessories for Women and Men. It's fresh, it's clean, and has a nice dry-down. I WOULD UNDERSTAND IF THIS WAS A REFORM AND THE ORIGINAL WAS GONE! Casting Director: Shelley Durkan. Sour bergamot, vetiver and a bit of lavender. But at the same time i feel like this is a very nice scent. That said, I smelled the original as the SA at the shop I went to still had a bottle. A great creation! 6.5/10. The performance is so good that makes me to leave a comment here despite the totally changed smell which I DO NOT LOVE! Francois Demachy is an amazing perfumer, one of the absolute best. For the holiday season, Rouge Dior has imagined an exceptional couture set with an enchanting gold decor: the Rouge Dior lipstick comes with 5 refills to alternate according to your mood, to adorn your lips in Dior's most iconic shades of red, nude and rosewood. Dior did it with Sauvage but they hit a Home Run with that fragrance. I bought it for my partner, who also loves it. If so, I'd be curious as to why. For the money it's decent tbh. It’s masculine it’s aromatic it’s alluring the sillage is beautiful, and it lasts over 24 hours on my skin even after a shower I still smelled it on my hand a little.When the wind is blowing and the temperature is between 60-80 degrees every woman within range of you will be wondering what the hell is that you’re wearing and some will approach and ask you. His newspaper prints reappeared on shirts, and the shape of the Dior saddlebag, used in a bleached-out replica, was echoed in curved pocket-flap signifiers on backpacks. It is elegant and comfortable, like a beige cozy sweater in the fall. sweet cedar-like smell clean woody fragrance. The new formulation of Dior Homme is tailored to the taste of the average North American male population. I tend to sway a bit towards niche fragrances these days, but when it comes to Dior Homme, I never consider them of the typical designer genre. It’s an ‘I’ve smelled this before but I don’t know where’. Dior Homme 2020 to me smells totally unique but simultaneously perfect for year-round office wear. I do love DH Originale, have worn it several times but my bottle bought in 2010 is almos full and it is going to take me many life times to see the end of it. Are they deluded? It gave him a conceptual landscape in which to place his own rediscovery of the Dior gray men’s suit, once thought impervious to fashion and strictly separated in its 20th-century masculine gendered category, still a huge one for the brand. The new Homme is bland enough to tarnish the legacy of the entire line, I'm afraid. @BIGSLY- Its a fragrance so why does the name matter so much to people? Such a shame. I get complemented on it all the time at work. The views and opinions for -Dior Homme 2020 are all my own. Dune Dior For Men. Dior have recognized that and made the decision to sacrifice their class and prestige for sales. The Linalool Limonen and citronellol are very apparent on the opening. I can totally see someone in their mid to late 20s wearing this to work and spraying a little extra at the bar later. At least dior isn't catering to trends. Is it simple? It was then again renewed this year (2020) and rebranded with the slogan "I'm Your Man". It's far from bad. The point I was making was that, as you’ve experienced yourself, the story of Dior Homme (Original) and it’s future existence has obviously not been clearly relayed by the higher-up’s at Dior to all Dior sales associates on all Dior counters, which is leading to the confusion passed on to us as customers. I like this one more than the old formulation, yeah I said it. Im not a hater especially over a name.If you can get past all that and just give it a try for a week and 90% people are gonna like it and it will grow on you.I think its a good fresh take that can be worn alot more than the prev ones.Not groundbreaking but enjoyable for sure.Dont regret buying it at all. Intensely woody and masculine, its fragrance takes hold and leaves a lasting impression. Commercial for Dior Homme fragrance, starring actor and face of the brand, Robert Pattinson. Basically Guerlain Homme is a grown up version of Dior Homme. Idk about longevity or sillage. This is truly awful. Well this will be a controversial take on the latest Dior Homme. 1. Francois Demachy deff knows what he is doing, the world is moving on and who wants to hang in the lipstick dungeon forever. @Oleo, lovely review thank you. It is a perfume that has been in the market for a long time. - $100 Granted it’s watered down and weak but the hate is totally unwarranted. Are they that lazy? And the tragedy is that they're pretty tasteless when it comes to choosing fragrance. I get that there are folks out there who want to see dior homme stay closer to the original. Anyone else get the comparisons to Office For Men? There are definitely elements of BdC and Aventus in this reboot of the classic flagship Dior Homme fragrance. Fragrance Dior Homme 2020 cologne for Men by Christian Dior was released in 2020.Well it is an aroma highlighted by a bouquet of fragrant woody, musky and aromatic scented tones that will bring a sensual, uplifting and optimistic perfumed sensation. Dior Homme Menswear Spring Summer 2020 Paris Credits: Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION. Way to go, asshats. Pass for me. Herbaceous, somewhat fly repellant? I have Guerlain Homme EDP and it is way better than Dior Homme and way cheaper. I must admit that Dior Homme 2020 disappointed me when I went to tested it, it had nothing to do with his Dior Homme family. Got a sample of this, I am familiar with the whole Dior Homme line very well. It’s got that modern middle aged youthful business man vibe to it. 332.00 Regular price. Plus, Dior is going in the wrong direction! Head ache inducing garbage. I honestly kind of like it, the original smelled great and was groundbreaking in the sense of using a flower as its main ingredient for an upscale men’s fragrance. It’s not even in the same realm and just perfume snobs that are upset this isn’t the Dior homme they knew. I think that would be just fine, even if the bottle was very similar. Dior Homme was first released in 2005 and was renewed in 2011. Jones, however, is 21st-century smart. Even this scent has no name of his own! Even a few hours later I still had trouble smelling it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. But it doesn't sound like it might help anyone knowing how this fragrance is like. 359.00 Regular price. It dries down almost like Armani Code Colonia sprayed over Terre D’Hermes. Spicebomb night vision was trash too. The purchase decision depends strongly on the intended use. While the base is an inoffensive cedar and musk. Dior Homme 2020 by Christian Dior is a Woody fragrance for men. But he also intuits that these young guys see the classic template of the tailored suit with unprejudiced eyes. More than being good or bad, it was present. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Rouge Dior Couture Collection. Why would Dior release a uninspiring and generic fragrance with the bottle and name of one of their earlier masterworks? Dior Homme Parfum is also back in 100ml bottles. The heir to Sauvage. Still … Dior Perfumer-Creator François describes Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020) as “a fragrance overdosed with carnal woody notes, and it represents a return to the basics: classic and simplicity. Maybe some do, ok sorry. It is bold, sharp and masculine, when the original smelt like old lady's makeup bag. It feels as though LVMH have given François Demachy a mandate to make a bunch of generic and crappy bestsellers whilst burying his reputation as an artist in the ground. Decent overall but almost like a brown counterpart to Sauvage's blue. Every single designer who has worked for maison Christian Dior since Monsieur popped his clogs in 1957 has had to contend with his “spirit.” Sometimes it can seem absurdly far-fetched, not to say creatively constricting, for a designer to have to limit him- or herself to obediently meditate on what the founder did over the course of the 10 short postwar years in which he reshaped women’s fashion with his corsets and circle skirts. At the store it didn’t blow me away but I did find it pleasant. I would agree that it should have been released under its own name and not hang on to the coat tails of the original. Dior Homme Menswear Spring Summer 2020 Paris Credits: Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION. Dior Homme Menswear Fall Winter 2020 Paris Slideshow Gallery January 17, 2020 18:00 PM Fri, 17 Jan 2020 18:00:00 +0100 +0100. This is a type of a fragrance that deserves a quick discontinuation. 359.00 Sale price Dhs. Dior Homme 2020 is an aromatic fragrance, with a scent between woody and citrus. Its a nice safe fragrance, but not very exciting. It is a mistake calling this Dior Homme. I plan on keeping my full bottle because I really do love this fragrance, especially the opening, but wish the performance was a little better. I tried this from sephora. The idea that Jones’s new generation of Dior discoverers might belong to a team of desert archaeologists was lightly pursued. So many high quality naturals and synthetics in this. I kept waiting for the sweetness to come out, or the powdery and amazing drydown to come that many people have commented on.... and it never did. Its very much a work fragrance or a summer kind of fragrance. Only the fragrance collectors and snobs don’t like it. Vetiver is predominant and reminds me a bit of Tere D’Hermes but less rough and more modern! It's a more versatile version of the original. You dig your nose in and you won't get sharp fuzzy synthetic scent your get from a lot of designers.

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