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Perseus contains eight named stars. The star constellations that can be seen in the night sky depend on the observer’s location and season, and they change throughout the year. The Little Dumbbell Nebula is 2.7 x 1.8 arc minutes in size. The Algol system emits x-rays and radio wave flares. Perseus was the son of Danaë, daughter of King Acrisius. Il faut regarder du côté nord-est. It is the brightest star in Perseus constellation and one of the brightest stars in the sky. The three of them had only one eye and shared it among themselves. Le meilleur moment, c’est après minuit, lorsque la constellation de Persée est levée. Perseus is the 24th largest constellation in the sky, occupying an area of 615 square degrees. NGC 1260 is a spiral galaxy. 7. Polydectes expected Perseus to die in the attempt to kill the Gorgon, but he underestimated Perseus’ allies on Olympus. The Perseid meteor shower is associated with the Perseus constellation because its apparent point of origin, also called the radiant, is located in the constellation. The pair was spared by Zeus and taken in by Polydectes, the king of Seriphus. Alpha Persei Cluster (Melotte 20, Collinder 39). . The star’s traditional name, Atik (or Al Atik) comes from the Arabic word for “the shoulder.”. Persée The constellation Perseus is shown in the image and parts of last months Cassiopeia right above . Constellations de Cassiopée, Persée et Andromède. Kappa Persei is a triple star system about 112 light years away in the direction of Perseus constellation. Starting in July and peaking in August, the Perseid meteor shower is one of the most reliable celestial shows, delighting Earthlings every year. Beta Persei is in fact a triple star system composed of the primary star Beta Persei A which is eclipsed by Beta Persei B. The researchers figured out that the waves resulted from a much smaller galaxy cluster passing by the Perseus cluster closely enough to cause a disturbance, a wave that's lasted 2.5 billion years. Nova Persei 1901 is approximately 1500 light years distant from the solar system. Its host is the elliptical galaxy NGC 1265. Pisces – Fishes. However, their troubles did not end there. The brighter dwarf has an apparent magnitude of 4.12 and the companion of 10. Atlas refused him hospitality and Perseus used Medusa’s head to turn him into stone, or into the mountain range that bears his name. The shower is caused by Earth's passage through debris left over from the Comet Swift-Tuttle, which last passed closely by Earth in 1992. The star is notable because it is orbited by a neutron star, X Persei B. 2012-08-18 23-53-15-perseus-cassiopeia … It is notable for being home to supernova SN 2006gy, a supernova event in 2006 that was the second brightest object in the observable universe. Previously thought to be 13,000 light-years away, it is now thought to lie 6,400 light years from the Solar System.. She had been condemned to a life of ugliness by the goddess Athena after Poseidon had ravished Medusa in the goddess’ temple. It has a visual magnitude of 1.806 and is approximately 510 light years distant. Sharing a region of sky with the Perseus constellation is a vast neighborhood of galaxies called the Perseus cluster. Piscis Austrinus – Southern fish He made up a story about being engaged to another woman, Hippodameia, who was the daughter of King Oenomaus of Elis. Phi Persei is also classified as a variable star. Perseus, named after the Greek mythological hero Perseus, is a constellation in the northern sky. En reliant les étoiles de la constellation Persée, vous pouvez former la lettre Y, qui se tient debout sur les deux bras du Y. It has a visual magnitude of 10.1 and is approximately 2500 light years distant from the Sun. Ancient Corinthian vase depicting Perseus, Andromeda and Ketos (Cetus), photo: BishkekRocks. Image: NASA, CXC, IoA, A.Fabian et al. Iota Persei is a main sequence dwarf of the spectral type G0 V. It has a visual magnitude of 4.05 and is 34.38 light years distant from the Sun. Little Dumbbell Nebula (M76), image: Adam Block, Mount Lemmon SkyCenter, University of Arizona. Nova Persei 1901, also known as GK Persei, was a bright nova that occurred in 1901. [masquer]. Perseus defended her from the king’s advances and Polydectes came up with a plan that would put Perseus out of the picture. The debris, made up of mostly sand-size pieces, careens into our atmosphere at 133,200 mph (214,400 kilometers per hour) and burns up, becoming "shooting stars," or meteors. They can be seen every summer, from mid-July to late August in the northern hemisphere. It was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more! Constellation Maps Sort by Planisphærium Cœleste. Il s’agit de Cassiopée. 2000. The Perseus Arm is one of two major spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy. This is because the more massive star filled its Roche lobe when it became a subgiant and most of its mass was transferred to the other star. The Alpha Persei Cluster is an open star cluster in Perseus. It contains several blue stars, the brightest one of which is Mirfak, Alpha Persei, a white-yellow second magnitude giant. Other bright members of the cluster include Delta, Epsilon, and Psi Persei. The estimated age of the cluster is between 50 and 70 million years. Constellations are groups of stars in a particular pattern, as seen from earth. The star can be seen without binoculars. Alpha Persei has 7.3 solar masses and is about 60 times the size of the Sun and 5000 times more luminous. This Hubble Space Telescope image of galaxy NGC 1275 reveals the fine, thread-like filamentary structures in the gas surrounding the galaxy. In good conditions, it appears as a blurry patch slightly north of the line from Algol to Almach, Gamma Andromedae. However, only two of these are prominent from light-polluted locations: Mirfak and Algol . Medusa was one of the three hideous sisters, who had tusks, hands of brass, golden wings, and faces covered with dragon scales. In: Critique internationale, vol. The star’s traditional names, Mirfak and Algenib, mean “elbow” and “flank” or “side” respectively in Arabic. It is the fourth brightest star in Perseus. Because of a prophecy that any son born to Danae would kill Acrisius, when Perseus was born, Acrisius tried to drown child and mother by casting them into the sea in a chest. And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: Both clusters are sites of low-mass star formation. NGC 1058 is a Seyfert Type 2 galaxy with an apparent magnitude of 11.82, approximately 27.4 million light years distant. Before the curse, she was known for her beauty, especially of her hair. Algol is a prototype for a class of stars known as Algol variables. The primary component passes in front of the companion and the combined magnitude of the system drops by 0.55. The neighboring constellations are Andromeda, Aries, Auriga, Camelopardalis, Cassiopeia, Taurus and Triangulum. NGC 1275 is the dominant galaxy in the Perseus Cluster. Cetus, the sea monster, also lies in the vicinity, as does Pegasus, the winged horse. It has an apparent magnitude of 6.79 and is 2694 light years distant. Sa position peut être repérée en prenant l'alignement qui part du Grand carré de Pégase et remonte le long de la diagonale d'Andromède jusqu'à Algol de Persée et Capella du Cocher. In mythology, The Double Cluster represents the jeweled handle of Perseus’ sword. Both clusters are moving toward us, NGC 884 at a speed of 21 km/s, and NGC 869 at 22 km/s. The shower is also known as the tears of St. Lawrence in some Catholic countries, as it coincides with the date of St. Lawrence’s martyrdom (August 10). repérage de la constellation; . It is a K0 III class star with a visual magnitude of 3.8. Space calendar 2020: Rocket launches, sky events, missions & more! Référence bibliographique; Duits Rembrandt. Perseus is a constellation in the northern sky, being named after the Greek mythological hero Perseus.It is one of the 48 ancient constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and among the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Perseus is a northern constellation which appears highest in the evening sky in the months around November. Psi Persei is a shell star, which means that it is surrounded by a disc of gas at the equator line. On the way, Perseus rescued Andromeda, a princess in Ethiopia, from a sea monster (the hero ended up marrying her, and the galaxy that bears her name appears in the sky close to the Perseus constellation). Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, 147-202 . The filaments are dramatic markers of the feedback process through which energy is transferred from the central massive black hole to the surrounding gas. It is about 40 times more massive than the Sun and one of the hottest naked eye stars known. Kappa Persei is a triple star system about 112 light years away in the direction of Perseus constellation. Its brightest star is Mirfak ("elbow" in Arabic), but its most famous star is Algol, better known as the Demon Star. It is an emission nebula in Perseus, about 1000 light years distant. Interpretation Translation Originally there were 48, and 40 were added over a long period of time by many astronomers who have been charting the heavens. Repérage de la constellation. Highlights in the Constellation . It is a K0 III class star with a visual magnitude of 3.8. Their respective ages are estimated at 3.2 and 5.6 million years, which means that they are relatively young. It moves at the speed of 92 km/s relative to the Sun. It's a group of thousands of galaxies 240 light-years away from Earth, spanning 11 light-years across. The companion has a visual magnitude of 6.17. Algol has an apparent magnitude of 2.12 and is 92.8 light years distant. Perseus, named after the Greek mythological hero Perseus, is a constellation in the northern sky.It was one of 48 listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and among the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). It is 362 light years distant from the Sun. There are now 88 official constellations that are mapped in the night sky from Habermas (Jürgen). The Chinese knew it as the Fifth Star of the Mausoleum, or Tseih She, which means piled up corpses. ... 2012-04-11 21-49-19-cassiopee-persee-3im-12f-3s-14d-13o.jpg 8,038 × 5,205; 25.16 MB. Gamma Pegasi in the nearby constellation Pegasus is now formally known as Algenib. Algol A belongs to the spectral class B8V, Algol B to K0IV, and Algol C to A5V. Algol A and Algol B are separated by only 0.062 astronomical units, and Algol C is 3.69 AU away from the pair. Photo: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage team. These open clusters formed relatively recently in astronomical terms and move together through space, approaching us at a speed of roughly 80 000 kilometres per hour. Omega Persei belongs to the spectral class K1III and is approximately 305 light years distant from the solar system. Plan. Perseus is usually depicted holding the head of Medusa in one hand and the jewelled sword in the other. C’est de cette direction que sembleront provenir les étoiles filantes des Perséides, bien que les météores puissent apparaître n’importe où dans le ciel. The primary star has a visual magnitude of 4.01. It represents the third Gorgon sister in the constellation. 20 November 2019. The red filaments are composed of cool gas being suspended by a magnetic field, and are surrounded by the 100-million-degree Fahrenheit hot gas in the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster. The Principal Fixed Stars of the South Hemisphere Delineated on the Plane of the Equator for the Year … It shows rapid variations in luminosity and spectrum. Après l’État-nation. Once home in Seriphos, Perseus found his mother and foster father Dictys hiding from Polydectes in a temple. The cluster is receding from us at a speed of 5,366 km/s. It is about 240.05 million light years distant. Gamma Persei is a double star with a combined visual magnitude of 2.93, approximately 243 light years distant from Earth. Homann, Johann Baptist after Eimmart, Georg Christoph ... Andromede, Persee, Le Triangle [Andromeda, Perseus & Triangle] Jean Fortin after John Flamsteed. It is one of the most difficult objects to observe included in Messier’s catalogue. Gorgonea Secunda – π Persei (Pi Persei). The two orbit each other with a period of 4.5 days. Indeed, the constellation was named to honor the palettes and easels of great painters of the time. It is classified as a Be star, which is to say a B-class star showing prominent hydrogen emission lines in its spectrum. The comet has a solid nucleus 26 kilometres across and is the parent body of the Perseid meteor shower. Zeus fell in love with her and took the form of golden rain to visit her. The nebula is approximately 1000 light years distant. But those terms are widespread. Dictys had a brother, King Polydectes, who wanted Danaë for himself. À l’instar de la constellation Persée, qui a servi de repère à des générations de marins pendant des siècles, Perseus Services-Conseils vous guide et vous accompagne vers l’atteinte de vos objectifs d’affaires. That wave looked like an enormous version of waves that scientists are familiar with, called Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, which occur when two fluids flow past each other, like wind blowing over water. They were the offspring of the Gorgon and the sea god Poseidon. It is prominent from dark sites, having 16 stars of fourth magnitude or brighter. Celestial Transmissions. Figures. Bruce Zinger/Opera Atelier. There are two meteor showers associated with the constellation; the Perseids and the September Perseids. Gorgonea Quarta – ω Persei (Omega Persei). The constellations oriented them in a literal sense – as vital navigation tools – but in a spiritual one as well, serving as vivid reminders of their mythologies and place in the universe. If you went to another planet, you wouldn’t see the same constellations, in fact you would see totally different patterns and groups of stars. 1 Aurigae was the first star from the Auriga constellation that John Flamsteed entered in his catalogue of stars. Perseus and Andromeda lie next to each other in the sky, with her parents Cepheus and Cassiopeia nearby. Visit our corporate site. Enormous bright loops, ripples, and jet-like streaks are apparent in the image. Once cursed, she had snakes for hair, which made her distinguishable from the other two Gorgons. It is located in a star cluster known as the Alpha Persei Cluster, which can easily be seen in binoculars. © Little Dumbbell Nebula – Messier 76 (M76, NGC 650 & NGC 651). The galaxy has an apparent magnitude of 14.3 and is approximately 250 million light years distant. 3C 83.1B is a radio galaxy in Perseus, located in the Perseus Cluster. He was wearing his helmet which made him invisible and he was able to sneak up on the sisters. Phi Persei is a double star consisting of a B2-class main sequence star and a subdwarf. Please refresh the page and try again. Alpha Persei is a supergiant star belonging to the spectral class F5 Ib. cette see, regardez en direction du nordest. NY 10036. It is located in the first quadrant of the northern hemisphere (NQ1) and can be seen at latitudes between +90° and -35°. It is approximately 556 light years distant and has a visual magnitude of 3.77. Menkib belongs to the spectral class O7.5III. One is a type-cD galaxy (a giant elliptical galaxy with a large halo of stars, usually located near the centre of a rich galaxy cluster) and the other is a high velocity system (HVS) located in front of it, about 200,000 light years or more away, and moving toward the dominant system and possibly merging with the Perseus Cluster. Also, this constellation was coined in the 2 nd century by Ptolemy. The Perseus Cluster is a cluster of galaxies located in Perseus constellation. It is home to thousands of galaxies and one of the most massive objects known in the universe. New York, Parcourir les collections . The system is a wide eclipsing binary star, with the two stars orbiting each other every 14.6 years. Gorgonea Tertia – ρ Persei (Rho Persei). NGC 1333, image: R. A. Gutermuth (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) et al. It has a visual magnitude of 4.63. The Double Cluster (Caldwell 14, NGC 869 & NGC 884). The meteors' trajectory makes it look like they originate in the Perseus constellation, hence the name of the meteor shower. Persée Si l'on trace une ligne imaginaire partant de l'étoile Alamak et que l'on poursuit cette ligne vers l'est, on arrive alors sur les étoiles formant la constellation de Persée. 24 nov. 2015 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. V713 Persei is a young star belonging to the spectral class K3V, located in the young open star cluster IC 348. The two stars are suspected to be physically associated because they share the same proper motion and are on a similar trajectory. The star has a relatively high proper motion. The galaxy is moving away from Earth at the speed 518 km/s and 629 km/s relative to the Milky Way. Epsilon Persei is composed of several stars. With a peak magnitude of 0.2, it was the brightest nova of modern times until 1918, when Nova Aquilae 1918 occurred. It was named after the hero Perseus in Greek mythology. Perseus also contains a number of famous deep sky objects, among them Messier 34, the Double Cluster, the California Nebula (NGC 1499) and the Little Dumbbell Nebula (Messier 76). £995.00. Since Perseus did not have any horses and could not afford to buy one, the king sent the youngster to bring him the head of the Gorgon Medusa. The star’s Latin name in the 16th century was Caput Larvae, or the Spectre’s Head. An Iconographical Classification of Constellation Cycles in Manuscripts (8th-15th Centuries) [article] Rembrandt Duits. The cluster was discovered by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Batista Hodierna in mid-17th century and included in Messier’s catalogue in 1764. Persée was written in 1683, just a few short decades after opera itself was first invented. In the last 30 years, the outbursts have become pretty regular and last about two months every three years or so, which makes GK Persei resemble not a typical nova, but a dwarf nova-type cataclysmic variable star. Rho Persei is five times as massive as the Sun and has a radius 150 times solar. The Perseids are probably the best known of all meteor showers. Eta Persei belongs to the spectral class K3 and is approximately 1331 light years distant from the solar system. The Kappa Persei system consists of a spectroscopic binary star and a companion in a wider orbit. Acrisius ruled Argos and after an oracle foretold him that he would die at the hand of his own grandson, he had locked away Danaë in a dungeon. The Perseid meteorite shower, the most impressive in the sky, does not actually come from the constellation Perseus but is the rubble left behind from the Comet Swift-Tuttle, the supposed parent of the Perseids. The brightest star of the constellation is Mirfak, located in the side of the breast and therefore sometimes referred to as Algenib, Arabic for 'side'. The star is occulted by an unknown body every 4.7 years, likely a planet six times more massive than Jupiter, located at a distance of 3.3 astronomical units away from the star. Illustration of the constellation Perseus, image: chaouki. histoire et mythologie; observation des étoiles. If the star expands beyond this region, the material can escape its gravitational pull.). It is approximately 716 light years distant. Pi Persei belongs to the spectral class A2Vn and has a visual magnitude of 4.7. Detail from an orientalizing relief pithos, terracotta with stamped and cut decoration, Cycladic artwork, ca. Ursa Major contains the Big Dipper, which is often used as a method to find the direction of north. He appointed Dictys king of Seriphos. The first person to recognize it as a planetary nebula was the astronomer Heber Doust Curtis. The celestial hero is flanked by Aries and Taurus to the south, Auriga to the east, Cassiopeia to the north, and the Andromeda galaxy (named after Perseus' wife) to the west.

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