taille sac longchamp pliage m

Hi Susan!! All of the other points check out on the bag that I purchased. Would like the long handled tote/purse model 1899-089- retails for $145. The model stamp and wrong model number are the only way I’m sure it’s fake. One question: when you list the dimensions of the “M” — you say it’s 20.5 inches long lying flat, but also that it’s 20.5 inches from zipper pull to zipper pull! The snap underneath the flap has ORIGINAL (6/4B?) Many many thanks again Susan for your great site. Is this authentic? Check for the hyphen ( – ). Hey there, I would just like to know that whether is there any edition of the tote bag with a full colored striking gold one which is being used by my girlfriend. The tag says CLA TUN/E1, LONGCHAMP PARIS, MADE IN TUNISIA, 1063850, 1103786006. Thank’s a lot. Special note on Type “L” and Type “XL”: You’ll notice that there is a hole on one side on the leather corners (The side where the zipper pull will close up the bag). Many thanks. Its made in france but the code doesnt match it reads 1602089HK015. Thank you . Thanks. Taille ceintures. I recently bought a longchamp bag on ebay but I’m questioning its authenticity. This is great and helps already a lot, thank you so much for your effort to post this! Would it be okay to send a picture for you to confirm? One has to have owned or looked closely at many bags in a long time, say a year, to be able to tell. I found out that there is small gap between the zipper that attached to the ground of the bag zipper. I also have nothing better to do while strolling around downtown that I made a game out of it: the “Longchamp Pliage Authentication” game. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Original-Packaging-Longchamp-Tote-Bag-Large-Burgundy-/281167241571?pt=AU_Makeup&hash=item4176dfa163. I got my bag authenticated at the purse forum. Thanks for this awesome site. Also, paperbags, plastic packaging, stickers have already been counterfeited. Hi very informative, I saved this link on my iPhone, thanks Susan! Longchamp - Achetez une variété de produits à prix abordables sur eBay. I just purchased a few Longchamps in Paris last week and found that Longchamp also outsource to Romania. I just bought a longchamp bag and it matches your description. Just shoot me an email for a better verification . Hi, Great site. Thank you so much! Fake: Front and backside of the flap usually have super white stitching. Can i share this on my site? Hi Susan. Can that be fake? I bought my Le Pliage Neo 3 days ago from a reliable store. Inspiré par l'origami, Longchamp crée Le Pliage, un sac … Hi again Susan. I just got a Longchamp Roseau shoulder bag from my aunt, I believe this is a vintage bag. I bought a le pliage online as well. hi susan, recently bought a longchamp le pliage backpack and upon checking, it matches all your detailed descriptions. PRYM on the button but that’s it – could it be the bag has been used so much that the emboss has somehow faded? I have bought in Dublin, France and London and they are all made in China so sad because I purposely waited on buying one until I went to France and I didn’t notice until i came across this website. You could actually see the division of the folded leather straps, indicated by the dashed (——) lines below. I have checked thru my bag using your guide nd there is one thing I am unsure of, which is the zipper without the “45” but “5NO”, does that mean it is a fake one? I have received the bag and have the same issue. Does that mean that it’s fine if the code on the tag of my LLH says 1899089560? Achat immédiat. do you by chance know how to get wrinkles out of a longhamp???? “SHOPPING”: Long Handles, Small and Large Totes. Sacs (1159) Catégorie. Like Snob Affair on Facebook | Follow Snob Affair on Twitter | I’m finally on Instagram! been looking for guides on how to spot on fake Longchamps. Must be fake. Hi Karen! STITCHING ?¹?‹?seoul national university ?œ? I just bought a LC on ebay. Check on the pliage color code table. As far as I am concerned, there is not one image or person is carrying the same bag or is on the website nor shops I can find. Would you know how to identify if a Planetes is authentic or fake? None what-so-ever. Makes one wonder if it is worth all the problems ! Hi Cynthia! Amazon.fr: sac longchamp pliage. Hi I find your blog so helpful. Did the other things she pointed out match the bag from CCP though? Yes you can assume that your bag is real if all the details match whether or not you have the care card. There is double stitching on corners and edges where there would most likely be strain. Backpack Model, “SAC À DOS”: 1699089###. I’m verifying that my tote is authentic. ie. Hi Susan! So, very helpful. Please check your year edition. Thanks! Though, if you manage to find the old “medium long handle tote”…the size of the bag is bigger! Photo Credit: PurseForum. Hi! What is scary with this bag is that everything see,ed to check out at first but wheny ou compare to a bag that you know is authentic, the “defects” start showing up. The second and third accent marks on the E are pointing up to the right. Great article. – The lining color is different from the official lining color of the particular model or the lining is the same color as the nylon. Thanks in advance! It is real!!!! i was checking my bag while reading your post and it turned out my bag from china is authentic, from the button to the color of lining inside based on the color code. NYLON from Sac Pliant Longchamp, source:pt.longchamp.com NYLON from Sac Pliant Longchamp, source:fr.longchamp… This bag is made in China, could there be a different in the code color for different country. Awesome website! pleaseconsider to take this post down. really helpful . communicate? Découvrez notre large sélection de bagages Longchamp. (Pass) Mar 11, 2017 @ 09:56. can you do for charles and keith bags pls? You’re code is 2605089450. They sell only the original bag. You said in the article under one of the fake features that the logo can be inverted. I am confuse by the size I got as the one display seems larger,maybe coz it was stuffed with fillers to look better on display. You might see a few specs of the beige stitching caused from the stitching of the other side (exterior), but that’s fine as long the main stich is black. Original Individual Photo Credits: snegurochka79 on eBay, Mrs. Martinez, PurseForum. Il se pare de lignes classiques et épurées, tout en apportant une touche de féminité. Achat immédiat. Thank you sooooooooo much! I just got my first longchamp bag this year as a gift from my dad. May 14, 2013 @ 08:01. There is not a lot of info on the cabas bags , Hi Carla! any feedback.. thanks.. Hi Susan, thank you for your very informative and indeed helpful blog in identifying the authenticity of the Longchamp Bag! I wouldn’t want to carry around a fake tote even if I got it really cheap.) Hi Susan, All the other details checked out ok. Should I return it? Sac longchamp pliage taille M. 50,00 EUR. It is older purse, but new with tags. Many thanks! LOVE your site! sort of greenish-yellow interior color, Good day, can you help me? Thanks. LONGCHAMP PARIS Sacs Longchamp Pliage . So, i checked several blogs to know which ones are fake just to know if my dad bought from the right person. But let’s get something straight here. My bf bought me the Malabar also on CCP, but I was worried since my friend told me that the handle should not be so hard. It should be diagonal. Thanks for the response, Susan. Is there a way that I can show you my bag? could you help me authenticate my Black Longchamp Le Pliage MSH. I think the praline is discontinued and I really want that specific color. There was an official display and all. Entre temps, j’ai acheté un second modèle avec les grandes anses. I have an authentic Longchamp bag where the tag was removed, and I am trying to find the colour’s name but without the tag I can’t. Could you please help me. Only minor issue I have is that there’s no tag inside that indicates where the bag is made in. Wow! Here’s a super detailed guide to train you to spot a fake Longchamp in a matter of seconds and from a few feet away! I recently bought a pre-owned Longchamp bag and I think it is one of the older smaller versions because it reads: LES PLIAGES LONGCHAMP – TYPE “S” Hi Susan, thank you for your guide! I have an all black bag medium size bag. Extra-Large Short handle Tote, TYPE “XL”: 1625089### I got a bag in the caribbean years ago but there is no tag. LE PLIAGE “SHOPPING” – MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ. . It seems a little flat? I wish you could also blog (and warn people about) high quality replicas which are usually sold 50% off than its original price. May 30, 2013 @ 23:03. send me an email with pics! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Longchamp-Modele-Depose-Brown-Leather-Short-Handle-Shopper-Purse-Bag-AUTHENTIC-/261126144422?pt=AU_Women_Bags_Handbags&hash=item3ccc54c1a6&_uhb=1#ht_8722wt_1397, I just bought a longchamp “cabas” off of ebay, and everything checked out (including style numbers and small details such as the accents on the words), except the feel of the leather is different than my other longchamp bags. Hmm good to know! I nearly sold my small “shopping” tote, but after realizing that it’s the older model and made in France, I don’t want to part with it now! grrrrrrr. Just got into Longchamp after a recent trip to Paris. I own a longchamp neo le pliage in black. Could you give me your email address that I can send you the picture and you can verify for me ? I would really appreciate any help and answers! HOT-STAMPED GRAPHICS This was very informative! I try my best to authenticate them asap but there’s just so many it takes a while! – Jenn. ou Faire une offre. hi bought mine on FB (friends brought from her) i dont know if its authentic or not. We do not recommend shopping at retailers that are not authorized to sell Longchamp products but the serial number you provided appears to be a correct serial number from us. Im not into lady’s bags, but this site helped me ensure that i’m not giving my wife fake one or two. Hi Susan, Thank you so much. Longchamp sisters take note ! Thanks. Rectangular Tote model (No Zipper), “CABAS”: 2704089### Regarding with the glossy, navy blue is really glossy of lm metal made in china. Is this a fake? BEST I have seen… I wasn’t surprise when I saw it at the outlet, but boutique…. I’ve checked every details that you mentioned in the article above. J'aimerais prendre le pliage toile Merci PS : Ce n'est pas pour faire ma "pouffe" ni pour frimer mais les Longchamp résiste très bien ! I currently have six Long champs le Pliage bags. I never look at a long champs bag the same again after this awesome post. Lastly, the dimensions are off a full inch (depth and height) . On the back of the flap, it reads LONGCHAMP with MODELE DEPOSE (with accent marks though barely visible) underneath between the stitches. Im not so sure if this is an authentic bag since it doesn’t really comply with all the standards. 60,00 EUR. Hi Susan. 54 objets trouvés disponibles auprès de vendeurs eBay internationaux . -Susan. Taille gants. I just got mime today. I have purchased 6 totes (diff sizes, diff colors- one of them being the planetes) from the Longchamp boutique on Madison Avenue here in NYC. – Older versions of the round zipper tag can read “LONGCHAMP” on top of the horse and rider logo while below the logo, “PARIS” is written on one side and “FRANCE” is written on the other side of the round tag. Is your bag new? I’m planning to buy a Longchamp online. The front snap button should read “LONGCHAMP” and “1948” with a jockey logo at the center. Hi ! It feels genuine but can’t find anything like it anywhere… Anyone help me? THANK YOU! Someone i know recently bought a regular le pliage and a limited edition when they were in Paris. I tried to clean it with a wet cloth and a cotton buds with alcohol. Authentic: You need a close-up shot like below.) It helped me authenticate a bag. All those mentioned matched my bag, as in everything! Since I am new to Tradesy, I will voice my concerns. I’ll just keep this one to carry grocery’s. If the interior of the Longchamp Le Pliage is white, while the exterior is say, Black, Yellow, or Chocolate – does that mean the bag is fake? Je le trouve correctement dans la mesure où on est en dessous des 100 euros et que je possède ces sacs depuis 10 ans, sans qu’ils ne soient réellement abimés ou bons à jeter. The mandarin color turned out to be orange since the color code is 217. Marque: Longchamp. CLA LIG/M/02 If it’s too shiny, it’s a no go. Very informative. I have a question…Do you know if the “super old” longchamp les pliage shopping bags (the ones that have “France” on one side of the pull and “Paris” on the other, not ykk zipper, but has the 45 on it) have the plastic clear tags inside? So buyer be warned! Hi Susan, thank you so much for all your hard work on making this informative article! Looking for style number 1696089894. Thank you in advance! By your guide, my bag has ALL the authentic marks you mentioned down to the style number and colour. I purchased a bag from Ebay a few weeks ago. users to pay a quick visit the web site, that’s what this web site is I will likely be coming back to your weblog for extra soon. Thanks a million for such a detailed way to determine if our long champ bags are real. Could you give us the same to-check list for LMs? i bought an lm metallic medium short handle pinky gold from facebook seller..just found out there is no jockey indented in the cover flap.but i find the bag perfect.thats my only concern.please help.thank you, Actually this is my third longchamp bag purchased from her,it seems all of my bags are pretty authentic.i bought from here plain le pliage,and the combination of planetes victoire which seems all have the jockey indented at the back flap.but im not sure with the lm because this is my frist to see the lm bag in actual…although im pretty sure that the seller is a facebook powerseller and has a credible site and shop.i would really want to know if my new lm is real…thank you so much. I would really appreciate your help. Please send over the pictures to reallongchamp@snobaffair.com I thought it was a fake and was so disheartened. The accent marks are really hard to see but it is not hidden by the stitching. Also, while there are accents in all the right places, the word DEPOSE bugs me – there is a little too much space between the P and the O, and the OSE part of the word seems to be slightly smaller and a bit askew. Contrairement à d’autres marques de luxe qui font grimper les prix de plusieurs dizaines (centaines) d’euros pour une bandoulière en plus par exemple. Hi. Hi susan! Could they have started making pistachio with beige lining instead of white? The tag says made in France. 160,00 € Existe en 4 coloris . Thank you!! Also the code is 1899502217. Saks? Photo Credit: PurseForum, AUTHENTIC OLD MODEL. This is my first Longchanmp bag, I bought it last month in the airport and I love it. Everything else that I have checked so far assures me that this bag is authentic in terms of the zipper, plastic snaps, flat handles, and since my bag is the dark blue/navy color, the interior is black… I am just having second thoughts as to if this bag is authentic, fake or just an older model. 2605-089-884 Thank you! I’d just like to ask if planetes ad le pliage are closely the same? STITCHING Travel Luggage, LONGCHAMP I went to Paris recently and bought a medium sized navy LongChamp. “hi, the bag you bought is a model of LM (long champ maroquinerie) that is Made in China. Is there a way that I can show you my bag? Fake: Handles are too short and size of the bags are smaller or larger than what it should be. Kindest Regards Valerie ? “SAC À DOS”: Backpack Model SNAP BUTTONS I also email pics! yay! OMG!! Il s’emporte partout, en shopping, au travail, en soirée ou en voyage. Sac Longchamp Taille M Sac porté main M Le Pliage L from Sac Longchamp Taille M, source:fr.longchamp.com Dimensions Sac Longchamp Taille M Sac Main Longchamp Pliage from Sac Longchamp Taille M, source:pinterest.com Sac shopping L Le Pliage L from Sac Longchamp Taille M, source:ch.longchamp.com Travel bag XL Le Pliage L from Sac Longchamp Taille… I will definitely check back on your site once I receive my LC. i bought LC too in metrodeal and got it earlier..i was toooo late to read all the negative feedbacks about metrodeal selling fake LC and helllll YEAH its is so trrrrueeee! TYPE “L”: Short handles, Large. Longchamp doesn’t sell those anymore so I’ve been trying to find it online either used or new. mine’s fake. This is a very good guide. Taille … This ebay seller is the same seller that Claire ( just above is looking to buy from) and dowsn’t ship to the US. Though, whether the bags are authentic or not is another question. But the other one I bought was sort of royal blue. Re: made in france. All of this information was super helpful! Is there really such size as Large Long handle? This is a very informative page, thanks for posting this! Sorry I can’t answer your question properly without pictures! The nylon as well also looks a bit shiny, the plastic tag was hard, see through plastic and the care card looked a little cheap. The one I have acquired is “FAKE”. If it’s a neo in navy. Everything else is 100% can you confirm what style this bag is. I just got my Le Pliage neo medium short handle and purchased it from Lazada. Hi Susan! I would be very grateful if you could help me. I think this may be the Longchamp Tote – Planetes Medium. Thank you – Authentic: If the tote is new, the handles are rather stiff, but with prolonged use, it becomes “soft”. 260,00 EUR. Feb 04, 2014 @ 01:23. 1007680 I got this bag from my friend. Thank you for this very detailed guide. If you are ever in Las Vegas, please contact me cleak4sses@yahoo.com or send me a message on Facebook. Maybe because of prolonged use that the leather has turned tan so the logo is no longer visible. These appear fake to me. Any guide for this ? Neuf (autre) 69,99 EUR. or, LE PLIAGE LONGCHAMP – TYPE “L” Sheena Elaine Borreo Unfortunately it revealed that my lonCchamp bag is fake – no question about it. Just want to check with you if you can verify if this is authentic based on the tag: NMA PAC/02 It’s obvious even in the pictures. IMPORTANT NOTE: Regarding Type “Shopping”, Large, Longchamp had an earlier version where the tote was larger and had a wider pocket, like below, AUTHENTIC (Graphite) VS. The hole is there to lock your luggage, over the zipper pull and hole. Le Pliage Original Sac porté main M. € 85,00 Rouge. I think I posted my comment on someone else’s response (Whoops) but I just need a bit of help – I recently bought a pre-owned Longchamp bag and I think it is one of the older smaller versions because it reads: LES PLIAGES LONGCHAMP – TYPE “S” Thanks again! My table of Pliage Color Codes is not complete unfortunately, but I’d say the most common colors you can buy today are there. (It’s a bit difficult to capture this in pictures sometimes. Also, i would like to verify My seller’s statement. Except that it has this MODÈLE DÈPOSÉ instead of this MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ. Is it similar to the details of a Le Pliage? Thanks! Thanks so much! Is this just a good replica? But at the back of the flap, it’s written ‘Longchamp’ then below ‘Le Pliage Shopping – Modele Depose’. I could use some help with authenticating. (Pass) I was really surprised. Se termine à dimanche à 21:03 Paris 6 j 3 h. – Le Pliage Longchamp bags should indicate that it was either MADE IN FRANCE, MADE IN TUNISIA, or MADE IN CHINA. 2 enchères. Longchamp strictly follow quality control. Hi Susan, I just bought a large long handles le pliage. Sac Longchamp pliage beige tour Eiffel grand modèle M . Hi! So, can I say that my bag is authentic eventhough it does not have a care card? Thanks for making such a great resource for those of us that love Longchamp! On all the other points my bag passes , Was also just wondering what interior does the satchel neo fantasie have plse. This bag I have looks pretty real, so I’m curious. Can you help me? I just bought a tote and am worried. The stitching elsewhere on the nylon (the zipper or pocket area) is more or less the same color as the nylon. Thanks for the great website. But that didn’t seem accurate after reading your page and looking at pictures online at nordstrom and the actual Longchamp site. Thanks again for all of your research! Wonderful and extremely thorough, definitely wish you had one of these for other types of bags. Taille Homme. Authentic: The handles are pretty flat. Thanks, Ro-Ann Misericordia Thanks for your kind words! Si je conserve encore précieusement mes deux Pliage après toutes ces années, c’est bien qu’ils me donnent satisfaction. SPE PAC/02 . Style: Fourre-tout. i do refer to it in the article! Sac longchamp pliage taille M. 50,00 EUR. Please help me to check. I’m On EBay Looking For A Long champ Hi! I can write a template if it helps. LONGCHAMP sac cadeau sac cabas rouge/doré en papier taille 35x27x12cm TBE. Hi Erin, I haven’t heard of any bag splitting like that. I had cancelled the order for the black Miaou and was able to get the navy blue one. One said that the indent of the jockey on the backside of the flap is not there but everything else checks out. The confirmation that this qualifies it as authentic has nailed it for me. I am not 100% convinced this is genuine ….it has very smooth stiff almost hard shiny leather it does have the zip pulls marked with the 4 5 .It has the round Longchamp ring pull on zip and the small Longchamp zip pull on the inner zip with 4 5 on the shank ….The Toggle is a soft gold ..the lining is plain black …the oval Longchamp embossed stamp looks as if it’s stitched to the front with black stitching Imaculately stitch .The gold stud that holds the adjustable strap is stamped Longchamp Paris .The material does not smell of leather but does have a knap like backing the pattern if any on the material is fairly smooth wavy lines not blobs or bubbles !!! LONGCHAMP PARIS Also I can only find 2 accent marks over the E’s. I just bought a le pliage bag and everything checks out from the flat straps, size, stitching, inner lining colour, inside tag and appropriate code, zipper ’45’ and ‘ykk’ markings, zipper pull detailing, plastic snap reinforcements. I didn’t see mention of this anywhere. Help! Hi. Thanks for such an informative guide! EVERYTHING down to the reinforcements on the snap buttons matches up to my bag EXCEPT one thing: The inner side of my snap does not say Longchamp. The bag she bought is a medium sized All Black Le Pliage with full black leather straps. I was really very apprehensive as it is after all the one of the most imitated bag in the world. The serial number matched the one you have listed ending with in my case since it was black thus it was 001. There are only 2 sizes of the shopper tote – no medium like the short handle version. Susan, you are a gem, thank you so much for producing this fantastic report. The 1948 was at the upper side of the flap while the longchamp is at the bottom. Ce sac petit format, léger et résistant, peut contenir un ordinateur ou des documents A4. I was looking to purchase a 2nd hand Planetes in Black. MADE IN FRANCE – Back: The hot-stamped words should be spelled like below. Thanks. I have get the BAG shopping large for free from my ex friend’s mother and I’m worried if it is original but it is. Thank you! Hi Susan, Iknow it is not Le Pliage as it does not have code 089.. By mervin2969 Unfortunately, I found it AFTER I already purchased two bags on ebay. It’s make me worried about the authenticity. Have I bought a fake version? Please email them to be at reallongchamp@snobaffair.com more delivered agreeable from you! Thanks sharing the info. sac quadri longchamp – Ereh I noticed in your blog that all handles are colored tan. Everything, from the flap, stamp, handle, stitching, zipper, buttons all seem legit, but when I looked at the code (1899089645) it’s for the shade Bilberry. Btw thank you on your tips. Il se pare de lignes classiques et épurées, tout en apportant une touche de féminité. I was listing a Longchamp Le Pilage Purple tote on Ebay and while searching for more info ( since I am not familiar with Longchamp) I stumble across your Website. PRYM on the button but that’s it – could it be the bag has been used so much that the emboss has somehow faded? seohyun???? Hello i have a longchamp overruns and i purchased online store yesterday im worried it is autthentic or fake but they said the item is authentic and made in france but i check a detail in youtube, chrome and any site about my bag a had no result why im post your email in ask how to know or spot authentic or not ?? Found I really like the Medium handheld, bought one there and just needed more as soon as I returned home. Now I just bought a LM pink gold medium short handle. The color of my bag is like light bluish. Hi By the way, I am located in Australia, as is the seller. I have a Longchamp bag that I bought at a major department store in California some years ago (Neiman? Guess it’s the old model? Hi, your guide really do help. Thanks a lot for this post, it’s a big help! Beige stitching in the front of the flap. I got it in a charity shop for a £1!! 260589001 is it a fake black medium long handle? I have two small bags and they have it but my large bag does not. Le Pliage Néo Sac banane M. € 165,00 Marine. I’ll email u the pictures. If it’s authentic I’d love to purchase it before anyone else does. Hi I’m hoping that someone can help me figure out if this bag is real or not. I recently bought my second longchamp Bag online, and this time is Medium Shopping Bag. THANK YOU! However, I am quite doubtful with the flap, its backside doesn’t have indent of the jockey. Colors that have never been used in Le Pliage Longchamp designs, obviously. Please help me. Please help so I can do further action thanks! Filtrer. I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the great information you’ve got right here on this post. Photo Credit: LowYat. LONGCHAMP PARIS could you check out these listings for me? Hope to hear from you. MA DE IN CHINA I recently purchased a La Pliage Shopping in Bilberry to replace my fiancee’s old one. share away!! Authentic: Matches the dimensions of the Longchamp Pliage. Il existe également un cabas ouvert, des formats voyage et des sacs à dos. Wow! The code was for the bilberry one. I recently bought a Planetes that turns out to be a fake, it had all the right zips, buttons, tag, and even the emboss! Can be a light pinkish/dusty rose or a brown and looks like it has “no hairs” or “too hairy”.

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