minolta x500 ou x700

convient aussi pour x500. (permalink), Mudplugga: BTW since I posted my original comment, the prices of both cameras are up about 50% in my experience. (permalink), Yep, my favourite is the XE-1 but love my X500, especially with the MD-1 motordrive and the Program back. 9 months ago 6,95 EUR-20% selon la quantité achetée. Free postage. Location: Reigate, Surrey. So, I bought a Minolta Dynax 300si from eBay. (permalink) Such an old thread, at that time i did not have a Minolta manual focus body, only the AF ones. or Best Offer. Le Minolta XD7 a des noms différents en fonction de son pays d’accueil. settings to avoid maybe,when using the lens! Great to see that there are that many fans!! neonman100 edited this topic 99 months ago. I'm sorry for thread resurrection, but... Originally posted 99 months ago. I'm keeping both, you've convinced me. The camera came with an original MC-Rokkor 50/1.7, but since I already had the 1.4, that's the one I am going to use. Minolta Co., Ltd. était un fabricant japonais d’appareils photographiques, d’accessoires, de photocopieurs, de fax et d’imprimantes laser. The X-700 (and the X-570 that I prefer) is still a great camera. Commentaires sur le Minolta X500 et son systeme, objectifs MD et MC, entretien. That's more expensive than other X-700's on offer on ebay, but at least you can be assured that the one he sells you will work (I've bought two from him). I am not familiar (yet) with Minolta film cameras. 99 months ago web.archive.org/web/20070312081005/members.aol.com/manual... www.cameraleather.com/colors/cobalt_kid.htm. I've been sort of looking to replace my X-700. 100 months ago 99 months ago Accueil; A propos; Contact; rohmphoto. william.olive edited this topic 100 months ago. 40 months ago (permalink), jean-jacquesplancton: 99 months ago @neonman: I would NEVER consider a Nikon, for the same reason that I would never buy an Apple product...... (something to think about) Hello all! :) I got so hooked on Minolta that I had to unhook myself pretty much, but I am currently using their lenses for a large percentage of my photography. Built to last - yes. 40 months ago This one doesn't fit on my Sony A300 without a correction glass, and I don't see the profits on adapters with glass elements. Way better quality and almost all metal compared to the X700. I use products by all three-Nikon,Canon and Minolta-including a nice Minolta dedicated 35mm film scanner. Trouvez Minolta X700 dans Appareils photo et caméras | Achetez et vendez un appareil photo ou caméra à Québec : digital, SLR, caméra imperméable, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, objectifs et plus sur Kijiji Canada. The X-500 was available in both chrome and black, but the X-570 was black only. By reputation,I would agree,as I only have the X-700 sadly - BUT there are two problems re the XD - 7 I would say,rarity and price! (permalink), I shot regularly with Minolta film cameras in the late 1980's and 1990's. So: I checked local used sales on the net, and 2 bodies came up: the XD7 and the X700. (permalink), The 35-70mm 3.5 exists in two versions, without macro (first), MFD 1m, and second with MFD 0.8m and with "macro" (1:4). Unless you want to shoot in programm mode or think the AE lock is an indispensable feature, the XD-7 is a better, more reliable machine. The four or five times I bought one, even if the metering seemed to work well, the shutter timing didn't. I personally own both the XD7 and the X700, and both are great cameras. 31 months ago (permalink), The X700s made in China (later versions, with Made in China imprinted on the bottom) were allegedly less reliable and X700s with serial numbers greater than 2,700,000 were allegedly more liable to have the capacitor issue (which is an inexpensive repair though). Message Mar 02 Juil 2019 09:38, Utilisateurs parcourant ce forum : Aucun utilisateur inscrit et 0 invité. I've fixed a couple of my Minolta X-3... Hello everyone, I posted this in a few groups hoping to up my chances of a reply... there seem to be a lot of digital phtotos in this group. I have one permanently attached to my XD7, it's just that bit more versatile then the 'fifty'. The XD (or XD7, same camera) is absolutely awesome. I do have some Dynax AF bodies and lenses. Here too the light seal/mirror bumper is recessed (mine doesn't need to be replaced though). Dave L2013 edited this topic 99 months ago. Just 2 new batteries, and everything just works the way it should! Lovely cameras, both, though. Minolta X-700 SLR Film Camera MPS & Rokkor 50mm F/1.7 Lens . No worries, neonman100. I've recently bought an XD from Japan and an XE-1. Slick, elegant and, lucky me, in pristine condition! Looks like new, I got it with the best flash Minolta made at the time and a bunch of lenses also in "like new" condition. I had minor problem with a lens but never with the body. When I'm at an event, I need to be able to shoot faster, so the 700. speed, minimum aperture and Shutter priority mode (all green). I think we're on the same page. En quelques clics à peine, choisissez et achetez par exemple un produit Minolta X700 pas cher. But if you're able to get a XD7 in good condition - take it. Minolta 35-70mm F3.5 MD Zoom I think that is because I have more time to think, compse and fiddle around on vacation and trips. Disassembling the X700: For cleaning and repair, I … I hope I'll get over the fact that this is not something I can buy easily, I really hate to buy a camera and leave it at home cause I'm afraid to ruin it ;) Actually I prefer the X-570 (= X-500) to the X-700. I posted this on the XE-7 group and thought it might be helpful to other here. De la boutique HandCrafterJunior. Ce sont ceux que j'utilise. And as it has been mentioned before the X700 is the more reliable camera, but is plastic built and so on. To answer your direct question, the 280PX flashes are for the TTL cameras, you will need an autoflash for the XD7. The camera that I use the most is the X-700, these are accurate and reliable and use MD lenses TTL etc etc. :D :D Some of their amateur efforts,mind you,were real turkeys! bonnes photos. 98 months ago 40 months ago Click & Collect. It feels so solid, and it looks (and sounds!) René Maly edited this topic 100 months ago. (permalink), This is one of the threads I shouldn't read! I have a 570, but would use the 700 again, this is probably just a force of habit between these two for me. Both are stunning good lenses, not much less then primes. en outre : x370 en très bon état. Yes, the match-needle method might have an advantage when shooting toward the sun, but I can say (after many years of low-light shooting with SRT's) that the LED system is far better when the scene is very dark. Secondly, the shutter is a vertically-travelling Seiko, made of metal. Aux USA, il est le Minolta XD11 et au Japon, il s’appelle Minolta XD. But I suspect minolfan might too, the "black and chrome" comment is telling. realize it will not match the standard of a prime Minolta lens,but Vendu à 59 € Moteur minolta : motor drive 1 compatible avec les minolta x700. X700 vs X500, I will choose X700 because I can adjust EV without pressing AE lock. Now I've started looking for an "older" Minolta SLR I realize that the XD7 is somewhat rare! Vendu à 59 € Moteur minolta : motor drive 1 compatible avec les minolta x700. Choose the aperture or shutter priority or - even better - manual when shooting those old babies. I just ordered an XE-7 this afternoon thanks to this thread :-) Une question, un retour d'expérience ou une simple remarque sur les boitiers argentiques Minolta, postez ici. XD7/11 Black: my favourite and a lucky shot, so to say, given the price I paid for it. I have both an XD-7 and an XD-5 and my sister owns a XD-7, we're very happy with them. :-) From the comments above I can only conclude that all classic Minoltas are somehow a good choice. (permalink) I like the shutter on the XD but I have had focus accuracy problems which I have never resolved (differences between viewfinder focus and film focus point). To be honest, part of me wanted it for it's looks.... the XE-5. I also have a 700, would take the XE-7 in a heartbeat 99 months ago Shutter Curtain Loose In A Minolta X-300 Clone. I though the shutter had problems. 98 months ago : 99 months ago The same as I used my x700 for. Thank you for all your input! Didn't want to say it the first time, but my favorite is also the XE-7. Vendeur fiable; Livraison rapide; Retours simples; En savoir plus Top Fiabilité Plus. Bon appareil, x700 avec les objectifs minolta est un moyen vers plus haut de gamme. X500 sans hésiter, c'est le plus récent et le plus fiable des trois. (permalink) Introduction au HDR. Et quel objectif en 35mm fixe ou 50mm Merci . Difference in use is not really important IMO, except that the XD7 is more silent. (permalink), With reference to the X-700 and it`s lenses,Have any members used this lens? Dave L2013 edited this topic 99 months ago. ; Needless to say, it's a feature! (permalink). Message Mar 25 Juin 2019 07:42, #3 Originally posted 100 months ago. My mind is open,and welcomes a good product-whoever makes it. Découvrez nos prix bas minolta x500 et bénéficiez en prime de 5% minimum remboursés sur votre achat. (permalink) Originally posted 100 months ago. Originally posted 99 months ago. The first version was made together with Leitz and made for Leica R too. 27 months ago 100 months ago Produit entre les années 1977 et 1982, il s’agit du premier reflex présentant un mode de priorité diaphragme (mode A) et un mode priorité vitesse (mode S). le x700 a un programme tout auto. I happen to own some MD/SR lenses, but I don't have a body. Bandoulière Original Minolta X700 X500 X300 XG9 XD5 XD7 XG2 XG1 (Réf#F-025) D'occasion. 96 months ago Super je ne savais pas qu'il existait avec cette ouverture, je l'avais trouver en F2.8 en 2 modèles un avec baque mise au point caoutchouc et l'autre en métal. Le Minolta XD7 est considéré comme une véritable révolution dans le monde de la photo. 100 months ago (permalink) (permalink), neonman100: I have, use, and love Minolta SRT's, and I have, use, and love X-series Minoltas of various kinds. 99 months ago One problem might be the mirror bumper, it's not easily accessed without removing the mount (or I haven't figured out how to do it properly?) But they are beauties, well built and substantial. I just prefer the XD7. As above mentioned, there is a program mode, but using this camera in program mode is - for me- pointless. #1 (MY favorite is my SRT 202) The 202 is like a fine old double-barreled English elephant rifle. Since I already have the lenses for it (came with a lot), I started thinking about a Minolta too. Oh: and I use them, not admire them in a cabinet! 99 months ago If you want a black body, the X700 will be the cheaper purchase. Consulter le sujet - Minoltat X700 ... inspired by maxxum's through list, i decided to start a thread here. I just spent the day at the ski jump with my Sony a350 and an X700 with a Motor drive and bunch of ektar. I thought this might be of some use here. The 200x is the equivilent of your 280PX, is a bit simpler to use and is usually fairly cheap, but it lacks bounce capability. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . Originally posted 100 months ago. But the X-570 viewfinder readout is more useful in fully manual exposure mode than is the viewfinder in the X-700. £3.10 postage. Le Minolta X-500, appareil reflex disposant de micro-ordinateurs, avec un contrôle à quartz pour ses fonctions mécaniques et ses vitesses d'obturation, assure ainsi une précision extrême. 84 months ago Originally posted 99 months ago. I fully I have two X700s I bought used 5 years ago that were from the early 1980s that I got cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted (CLA'd) and have had no problems at all. As I am an "I want them all" kind of guy, I went the cheap way (buy for less and DIY repair after). You select 125 exp. Articles traitant de Minolta X700 écrits par rohm31. (permalink), I have been a bit slow off the mark with this one, but my thoughts are: (permalink) The XD7/11's were for me, the most difficult to aquire in good condition at a reasonable price. The srT303 I found is great BUT has dirt flying around the viewfinder that gets stuck to the meter needle (haven't got the time to open it and clean it, I just bang it with my hand :P). And this thread has me XE 7 shopping. Minolta x300, x500, x700, Ronan Loaec, J.M. Et je veux le faire en minolta J'hésite donc avec le X500, XD7 ou SRT 303. 3-4 times the typical price for a nice X-700. 98 months ago See www.rokkorfiles.com/Cameras.html. (permalink), If it comes to feeling, which is in my opinion a vast point, when choosing one of those old cameras, I'd suggest the XD7 (XD11 in America) to you. However, i also really like the uber-smooth operation of my XD Series cameras - nothing compares to them (shutter and film-take are like butter!!!). Nikon D7000 - Nikon F-801S Sony A5000 - Minolta X500 - Minolta D500si Polaroid(s) Haut. "You should get a nikon (or canon), they are the best!!" When I get one, I usually get the other too! The X700 is somewhat more modern cheaply made plastic body with cloth curtain shutter. They both might have their lightseal replaced. (permalink), I googled "XD7 or X700" and arrived here, I was thinking of selling one of my my black, near mint Minolta's and couldn't decide which. le x300 est bien pour débuter. I have owned and used probably 100 vintage SLRs and this one— size, quality, weight— is a keeper! Flickr logo. 99 months ago It's the lens I usually reach for for its versatility and it is as sharp as the primes in my opinion. Can't comment on the XD7 which I have never used, however, I have 2 X-700's and am very happy with them. ratsj said - "..the match-needle method might have an advantage when shooting toward the sun, but I can say (after many years of low-light shooting with SRT's) that the LED system is far better when the scene is very dark." Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. really great ( I think). Posts: 711. The 70-210mm f4 MD Zoom is also great (also developed in conjuntion with Leica/Leitz), as mentioned here: But several of you seem to like them. I also have a Nikon film SLR (FM) and it is awesome. The X700 is somewhat more modern cheaply made plastic body with cloth curtain shutter. If you like these cameras, be sure to have the courage to open it to clean them or fix some cable/switch issue (I also have a srT101, faulty stop down switch, had to open it too to fix the switch). It was called the X-500 in Europe in Asia. Has no issue I can find, just the usual light seals in need of replacement and shrinking leatherette which I'm gonna replace with some fancy new one (www.cameraleather.com/colors/cobalt_kid.htm). (permalink), Doesn't it? Minolta X700 repair. It looks perfect. If i were buying a 35mm camera i would choose an XE-7 without a second thought.

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